Well, week one of the third year of my degree course has been and gone. All-in-all, not much happened apart from I was surprised to learn that only 3 of us from the photography foundation degree have decided to progress to the BA(Hons) this year. I suspect some of the others from the foundation course have decided to take a year out due to the whole COVID-19 mess the planet is in right now. I’d be shocked if a certain 2-3 others don’t eventually go on to get the full degree.

Talking of taking a year out, I’m kind of wishing I’d stuck to my mindset throughout most of the summer break and done exactly that; taken a year out. With that year I could have tried to finally figure out where I’m going with photography and whether it’s actually something I want to do in order to make a living or whether it’s just a hobby. The problem I’d have had with taking a year out is that I know I wouldn’t ever go back as I’m pretty fed up of the whole researching, writing, Harvard Referencing and assignment-thinking as it is. All I want to do is find a topic that I enjoy photographing and for people to pay me to do so or to buy my images once I have done.

Now that I’m back, I’m hoping that the course is going to point me in the right direction to finally making some money from my camera. I have a loose idea of trying to combine my photography with my hobby of airsoft with its game days, events, products and vain participants who I’m hoping will be up for paying for photoshoots. The reason I’m on this course is to make my idea a reality so that I have something to build upon once this academic year is done.

Right now, though, I’m a little concerned that I’m not going to get my full £6k+ worth from the course due to COVID-19. I’ve already noticed that the college library has all the books taped off with signs telling us to “Do Not Touch the Books” (or words to that meaning). I’m still to discover whether we can use the photo studios or not.

It’s safe to say that, at this moment in time, I’m not entirely comfortable with my decision to go straight back to do the third year seeing as I’m still not sure about who I am or where I’m going with photography, I’m struggling to get my head around the course layout and the whole Coronavirus could add extra complications to things making objectives more difficult to reach. I’m also very concerned that I have indeed come back too early and am not ready for this 3rd year because I keep thinking I have an idea to follow in terms of a career in photography but then, the more I think about it the more I convince myself that it’s not going to make me a liveable wage. At the time of writing this, I’m seriously considering quitting the course already and cancelling my student loan before it builds up even though I have concerns that I might not go back if I take a year out, I’m really thinking it might be best for me to do so. Hopefully, things will become more clear as the course progresses (the sooner the better so I can relax and enjoy it at least a little bit) and I can gain some valuable knowledge and experience to help me on to the next step.

During the foundation degree, I spent my time studying to get through the assignments with as high a grade as I could but I’m thinking this year could be different. By that, I mean I could do with using this year to gain as much real-life knowledge as possible instead of academic qualifications as that would be of more use. Because of this, I’m a bit concerned that I’ll not achieve the 1st that I’m hoping for after getting the equivalent of that from the foundation degree.

I guess, after just one week of the course, I should sign off by saying: TIME WILL TELL!