Paul Sutcliffe

Hi, I’m Paul, and this website is my little place on the internet where I post blogs about things I’m studying and working on for my foundation degree in photography and video.

I started out doing a physical pen and paper sketchbook but soon realised that my writing is far too messy (I started typing everything) and I was battering my way through ink cartridges and paper with all the printing I was doing to stick in those physical versions. Seeing as I started typing everything anyway, I thought it a natural progression to just stick it all online.

Seeing as I was paying for hosting already, I thought I might as well utilise it more by sticking this attempt at an online sketchbook up. That way I can save on ink, paper and the embarrassment of my illegible writing.

This blog will be home, for the next 2 years, to my work towards a foundation degree in photography that I’m studying at Leicester College. I’m planning on progressing to the third year for the full BA(Hons), but we’ll have to see how this old man gets on with the first two years first, I suppose.

Have I left it too late to be studying again and can I keep my attention levels up long enough to see the course through and gain a grade good enough to pass? Time will tell…..

If you want to get in contact with me (God only knows why you would), head over to the contact page and fill in the form.