The second of the two competitions we’re tasked with entering this year is the AOP Student Awards. This has been open since October 2019 but we still have plenty of time as our assignment deadline is April 27th 2020, a day before the competition deadline. This should work as the entries to the competition are done digitally. Well, I say this should work, and it should for those of us who put effort into this degree course but I foresee the usual suspects coming up with the usual kinds of excuses for missing yet another deadline and getting away with it as far as the course and grades go.

Anyway, that’s none of my business, but getting some of my own work done for this competition is.

Since the start of this course, I’ve had a desire to do a piece documenting the apparent addiction to smartphones that people have these days. When this assignment was given to us I thought this was my opportunity. After thinking about it for a day or two, though, I decided that the series of 3-4 images allowed wouldn’t be enough to get across what I wanted to with this project. Because of this, I’ve decided to swap things around a bit.

I now plan to do the smartphone thing for the Negotiated Studies Practical exhibition and the narrowboat project I’ve titled “Mortgage Free” for this. My reasoning is that my sister and brother-in-law don’t yet take their narrowboat out and, instead, just live on it moored up. With this being the case, I just don’t see that project having the legs to run to an exhibition of 10 images but, it could work quite nicely as a little series of up to four images for the AOP Student Awards in the “People” category. The series would be about a couple who’ve found a way of alternate living.