I’m not sure how relevant this is as a blog post in this diary but, I think it is quite. Basically, after a number of years of putting it off and continuing to battle on with this dying Microsoft OS laptop, I’ve decided to switch to the dark side and buy an Apple machine. I know, I can’t believe it either! After years of slagging off Apple because of the way they insist on creating equipment that isn’t physically compatible with other brands’ products in the way of connectivity and useability, I’ve finally taken the plunge and bought further into their brand.

Instead of doing what I should really be doing, working on my dissertation (which I really can’t be bothered with), I’ve been researching and comparing the latest Microsoft and Apple laptops. I narrowed it down to the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 and the Macbook Pro. In the end, and following advice from the tech guy who deals with all that sort of stuff for my wife’s company, I decided to go with the Macbook Pro due to its power and their newly developed M1 chip. Apparently, it’s more powerful than any of the Intel equivalents on the market right now.

The biggest concern I had with the Macbook was the fact that the M1 chip only comes in the 13″ screen version. Now, normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but because I’ll primarily be using it for editing my photography work in Lightroom and Photoshop (or Affinity if I switch from paying the monthly charges Adobe rip us off with), I’d have preferred as big a screen as possible. To get around this, I’ve shelled out another £500, on top of the Macbook’s £1700, on a Wacom graphics tablet. I’ve never used a graphics tablet before but have always wanted one as I believe it will make my Lightroom and Photoshop work feel more natural and accurate. The tablet acts just like a second screen and is, as would be expected, full HD and at 15″ will be good enough for editing my images.

The time is right for me to spend my hard-earned on things like this as it’s another step towards me getting myself set up and prepared for the big wide world of professional photography upon completion of this academic year. I might as well get used to my new kit now whilst on the course rather than learning on the job and, potentially, messing up paying clients’ work.

The fact that I’ve spent the last 2+ years trying to get my images to look good on a crappy laptop whose screen is just awful and won’t get better with calibration attempts is a way for me to justify the move a bit more too. It’s been so bad that I’ve recently taken to editing my stuff on my daughters iPad!