Jacob | Reischel are a couple of female creatives who are based in Berlin, Germany; the same as a previous artist/photographer I looked at, Tabea Mathern.

They both studied industrial design at the University of Arts in Berlin and have come together to work creatively using their varied skill sets of artist and graphic designer.

There must be something about learning and working in Berlin that creates a certain look to some people’s work as theirs, to me, looks very similar to Tabea Mathern (and vice-versa).

I think the reason I like their work is for the same reason as I’ve come to like Tabea Mathern’s. It’s clean, crisp, minimal (so, uncluttered) with the use of some nice colours that contrast well.

I’m not sure what it says about me but, I like the “Eterna” and “Nomos Glass Cabin” pieces of work that can be found on their website. I like the soft feel of the colours in the image with the watch but, by contrast, also like the use of the basic black and white colours of the shirt image. The use of black and white with the straight edges in a product shot of a shirt says exactly what it needs to; the man who wears this is clean, reliable, no-nonsense and is self-aware.

Different to that is the “Mai Piu Senza Fruits” piece. The positioning of the subjects closer to the backdrop to allow shadows to drop onto it helps separate¬†the red items from their all red surroundings. The positioning of the shoe to show just enough of its inside and the front edge of the raised heel give it depth and draw our attention to it as I assume, this could be a product shot for the shoe.

A look through their work shows that it’s not often we’ll see straight horizontal and vertical lines within their work. Most of the time, the lines we see are of a diagonal orientation. Even in the image of the red shoe, the line between the base and backdrop is nearly horizontal, but not quite. It’s as if they just can’t force themselves to be straight and boring enough to do it.