Yay! Lockdown 3.0 is upon us (said in a sarcastic tone).

Even though I’ve done well with grades for the two assignments we’ve had back so far, I feel that COVID19 is wrecking my final year at Leicester College. I also feel it is causing me to miss out on a large part of what is important this year; face-to-face interaction with other creatives from different industries. I also feel that I’m not getting what I’ve paid for as I no longer have access to the photography studios, access to borrow camera equipment (lens mainly) or access to physically browse and use the library now that the building is shut. I really wasn’t sure at all about coming back for this third year and, with the above mentioned, every day I’m increasingly thinking I made a mistake in doing so.

I realise it’s not the college’s fault, and I’m not blaming them, but, with everything that’s going on, my enthusiasm for the course is waning. Right now I’m finding that the assignments are getting in the way of me progressing my business setup. I’m still to get a shop onto my website and figure out how to use that particular software. I need to get this done asap as I’ve already had people asking me where they can buy my images, both digital and physical print versions. I need to get this sorted before this latest lockdown is lifted but fear I’m going to have to spend lockdown working on the seminar and dissertation assignment as I’ve done sweet-FA for it at this time and the recorded seminar is due in eight days time! I also need to start creating content for the website’s blog. This will be an essential aspect of the website as it will help it to rank in search engines as well as getting posts with affiliate links in that will, hopefully, become another income stream for me. These things all take time that I feel I’ll struggle to find now that I need to concentrate on the seminar, dissertation and business plan (that I’ll probably not use). Now that I’m having to home school my 8-year-old daughter as well, 2021 probably isn’t going to be the light at the end of the tunnel many people think it’s going to be, certainly not for me anyway.