Because this year, for me, is all about dodging COVID-19 and trying to get a part of my business plan off the ground, I thought it relevant to post this here as it’s all part of the course as far as I’m concerned.

My business plan and therefore project proposal, seminar and dissertation are all linked to me trying to get my airsoft photography business going in the right direction. To start this ball rolling I’ve started frequenting the local airsoft site, where I regularly play, with my camera instead of my guns. I’ve been there a total of three times now with the camera and am starting to find myself with the confidence and desire to travel further-a-field to other game sites.

I think this confidence comes from the fact that, after the second time I attended, I had a few people approach me via Facebook Messenger asking about buying the images I’d taken of them. This is very relevant to my degree as it shows real progress with what I’m doing and justifies, no matter by how much, my belief that my idea has potential. It is also relevant as it will be going into my final project presentation.

The header image for this post includes a Lucky Pew badge one of the players was wearing this past weekend. I took the shot as it was the owner of said Lucky Pew company who contacted me first asking for a couple of the images I’d taken of him during the games the weekend before. One of those images I regard as average and the other I also quite liked. The better of the two he now uses on his company website whilst he used the other in a Lucky Pew Instagram post in which he credited and linked to me and my Instagram account.

It’s because he’s a business that’s trying to grow within the airsoft industry that I decided it wise to give him the images in return for the credit and exposure his website and business could give me.

His website front page has a different background image each time it loads (to a total of about 6-7, I think) and mine is now one of them. Hopefully, I can “wow” him with more of my work in the future and tap into his efforts to grow his business within the industry. I think he needs to resize the image so that my logo isn’t cut off but I guess that’s up to him. I shall definitely be mentioning this as part of the deal was that he got a watermarked image. Luckily, the watermark is located near the Lucky Pew badge he’s wearing in the image so to crop out my logo would also crop out his.

One of the other people asking to use my images was Chris Kennedy, who’s also on this course, and he now uses them as his profile and header images on Facebook, which is nice. Because it’s him, I decided not to charge anything even though he offered to pay. The other was a guy who has been playing the sport for many years and has many friends within it. Because of this and because I’m desperately trying to grow my social media following (which is where he’s using the images), I gave them to him for free too.

Some may say I’m daft to be giving my work away but, in my opinion, using these people as marketing tools is more important right now than making a fiver here and there. The idea is that these fivers will increase in value to be tenners and will start rolling in via my website shop once I’m established within the industry…and I’ve actually got a shop on my website. This is my objective this month (November 2020) for my project.