Another week has gone by and I’m finding myself with deadlines fast approaching but I still find myself with very limited motivation to crack on with much of the course.

I’m finding that it’s the more academic aspects of the course that I can’t get motivated to do. I have a list on my whiteboard of things I need to start researching and get done. I’m supposed to be researching the word “reality” and creating a presentation (I think in Powerpoint) to put on Teams with a voice-over. I haven’t even started this and I think it’s due in next week. I believe I’m supposed to be working with the other two members of the team I’ve been put in for our marathon four-and-a-half-hour Thursday sessions with Lee. The problem here is that they both seem less motivated for the course than I do. I say this as their attendance at the Thursday Zoom marathon meetings has been next to non-existent over the past two weeks. I can’t see us managing to get together either online or in-person to get this done. This happened a lot, it feels, during the foundation degree but the difference now is that I don’t have the drive to crack on and get it done on my own as I did back then. Add to that the fact that we were supposed to be having a session on a Wednesday before the due date to show us how to do the Teams thing but it hasn’t happened so far and I’m not sure if it is tomorrow (the final Wednesday before it’s due in after the deadline got pushed back) either due to the tutor not being in, I’m of the mindset not to bother until I know otherwise.

As for the deadlines we have before Christmas, now that the seminar one has been pushed back to 2021 (thank goodness!) we have just three. Two of them are the collaboration assignment which involves working as a team (when they turn up) and the other is for research for the project proposal which has already been handed in. I’m not really bothered for the collaboration assignment, to be honest, as the subject matter is not something I’m interested in. I appreciate why it’s on the curriculum but, as I say, it’s just not very interesting. I’m enjoying and taking something from the people Lee has been bringing online to talk to us, especially Jim Smith as he was very inspirational, but the actual assignment is one I can’t wait to get done. The whole InDesign brochure thing doesn’t interest me either even though I can, again, appreciate why we are doing it.

I’m slowly finding that the only parts of the course I’m motivated to do are the project and business, as well as listening to the speakers we have coming online to talk to us. The seminar, dissertation, collaborative assignment are all pretty “Meh!” for me this year. I guess I just want to get back out there to see if I can even earn a wage again.

As well as the things I’ve mentioned being interested in, I’m also interested in getting my website and social media in place for the whole airsoft business/project plan. Because of this, I’ve become active on Instagram and Facebook as well as nearly finished my website. I think this might be a module assignment for later in the year but I need my website and shop up and running for when “Lockdown 2” is lifted and airsoft game days start running again. I’ve been spending all my time doing this rather than the other stuff I guess I should have been doing. Oh well, maybe I’ll have an easier time after Christmas?

Ok, rant about how bored I am with education over…sorry, but it’s how I feel right now and we were told to be honest.