First up, please excuse the crappy header image taken on my phone.    :¬)

Ok, so as I already mentioned in an earlier post, we’re back in full lockdown (the 3rd one now, I think) and I’m losing the will to carry on with the course. The first couple of lockdowns weren’t an issue as I was still on my summer break for the first one and not much was happing for the second one either. This lockdown couldn’t have come at a worse time though. With the new UK strain of COVID-19 spreading more easily and quickly, and the South African and Brazilian strains being more deadly, the figures show that things are twice as bad now as they were back in March 2020 when all this started.

In an attempt to combat this, the full lockdown has been put in place and this time the schools are shut for at least 2-3 months. This means that kids are now either attending online lessons or are having to be home-schooled. I have two daughters, one is 15 and one 8. The older one is in her GCSE year so you can imagine how much of a mess her school life is right now. Her school have got things sorted out this time, though, and her lessons are online. This is great as she attends them from her bedroom and is still producing good work. The 8-year-old, on the other hand, is having to be home-schooled and, with my wife working and being the bread-winner at the moment, this home-schooling falls to me to do. The school supplies me with work to get through each day but trying to get through to an 8-year-old that she has to do it and the fact that she’s not on holiday can be a pain in the ass!! Also, the school gives us 3-hours of work to do each day but if anyone thinks a kid is going to sit at a table for 3-hours solid and do work they don’t really want to do then, I’m afraid you’re delusional! This is taking us between 4.5-5 hours each day to do.

My point here is that my ability to get motivated, concentrate and actually do any of my own work is taking a MASSIVE hit these days. The title of this post states that “things are going well, but…”. This is because, of the 3 grades I’ve had back so far (still waiting for grades for my boards and report for the Collaboration assignment, which is starting to bug me now), I’ve had a 75, 85 and 90 which, quite frankly, is fantastic and keeps me on track for a first at the end of the course. I’m happy with this as I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself over the course of the foundation degree and now this BA(Hons) course to come out of it with a first. My biggest concern is the fact that I’m not really interested in doing research and writing a dissertation and neither am I interested in writing a business plan for grading. I know this is the wrong frame of mind but, it’s the one I have and the situation with schooling and lockdown is intensifying those feelings. I guess I’m in a “what’s the point?” frame of mind.

Long story short (a bit late for that, sorry) I’m massively concerned right now that my grades are going to take a nose-dive as I don’t have much time for my own studying. The dissertation will take up a lot of my time at the expense of the project assignment, which I’ll talk about in the next post.

I and my wife have come up with a plan that I spend Monday-Thursday doing the home-schooling and she does it on Friday. This then gives me Friday, Saturday and Sunday to do my own work. Quite honestly, though, this is the first Saturday of this new plan and I’ve done nothing other than this post as I just can’t get into it whilst everyone else is doing fun stuff together.

I need to keep telling myself it’s only for another few months!

On the news yesterday they were saying that experts were now advising the government not to lift restrictions until May as the pandemic and its new strains get worse. That, basically, takes us to the end of this course and makes me think I’m not going to be able to add any studio portrait images to my project portfolio and that SUCKS!