Ok, because I’m still putting off doing any work on my dissertation due to it being one of the two assignments I’m not interested in doing (the other is the business report), I’ve decided to do another diary entry.

Since starting the work on my website to update it from my foundation degree where it was a photography website with not much focus, I’ve had it behind an “Under Maintenance” page. This was because I’d created pages for the new look but still needed to add content to them. Yesterday, I decided to remove these pages from the menu so that I could remove the maintenance page and have it start ranking in Google (other search engines are available). The pages are still there but no one will see them until I add them back to the menu list.

The website can be found at vision41.com and it will progress slowly throughout the duration of this course so that it’s ready for submitting come deadline day.

Right now it just consists of a landing page, contact page, About page, blog and just one of the portfolio pages (game day images). These are all in the main menu at the top of the page but there are other pages on the website also. These consist of boring stuff like Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These are put in the footer menu for people to find if they really want to read them. Most people don’t but the people who do will know where to look.


What still needs to be added to the website is, basically, all the business stuff. This includes the all important shop page, where I’ll send people after each game day I photograph so that they can buy images of themselves thinking they’re Rambo, the Services pages where I’ll explain what I offer and how much those offerings cost, as well as the other portfolio pages of my studio work and stock and product imagery. Extra buttons will be added to the landing page that point to the relevant pages for all these categories as soon as COVID has F’ed off and I can actually get some images done! Currently, I just have buttons for the game day and stock stuff. I should, perhaps, even remove the stock button as I haven’t had the time, space or props to do any just yet.

Anyway, at least it looks presentable and allows it to start getting attention from the Google spiders. I have noticed, however, that two images on the landing page don’t load on mobile view. The theme I used is supposed to be responsive so I’ll have to figure out what’s going on and fix it.

*Update* Fixed the issue with the images disappearing when you scrolled to and past them on a phone (responsive view). All I ended up having to do was regenerate all of the images on the website through the Perfect Images plugin (a plugin is a bit of software that makes a website do a certain thing. Different plugins for different jobs) followed by clearing the cache (the stored version of the website that allows it to load on people’s devices quicker after they’ve visited it the first time). Perfect Images ensures images make use of the top quality monitors we have on the market these days, particularly the Mac ones.